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About Us

We are a concerned group of researchers, writers, parents, professionals and creators coming together from various organizations across Canada. Our aim is to identify and publicize the power and money behind the gender identity industry. We are examining and exposing the powerful corporate and political connections which are reshaping language, laws, institutions and the way we think about being human. 
As humans, we are a sexually dimorphic species -- there are only two sexes and our sex is observed, not assigned. Since 2017 with the passage of Bill C-16, the Canadian government has denied this biological reality and is now using "gender identity" rather than sex in policy and law.  This attempt at social engineering is already creating profits for the medical industry, creating new markets for all manner of surgeries and drugs, as well as creating new marketing constituencies. "LGBT" identities -- more accurately "trans" identities --  have a purchasing power estimated to be worth $3.6 trillion dollars. 

Our educational institutions are teaching children their bodies do not determine their sex and thus preparing young people to adopt medical lifestyles as identity. Our sexed origins are being violated for corporate profits.
Boys and men, whether they try to “feminize” their appearance or not, may now legitimately enter private female spaces, participate in and overwhelm girls and women in their safe spaces and sports.

The mainstream media either supports these developments or remains silent. We at Gender Dissent believe Canadians need to know how society is being altered through policies based on scientifically invalid theories that ignore basic biological and evolutionary reality. And Canadians deserve to know who profits.
Please follow us if you believe that the future of humanity should include and protect biological women and men and foster healthy and intact children. 

Attention Writers!!

GenderDissent is looking for people to write for us. Our mandate is to expose the power, influence and money behind the gender industry in Canada. If you have a story idea, we would love to hear from you. If you would like to be a regular contributor, we would be even happier! We're looking for people from all parts of the country.  At this time we have no writers from Indigenous or Asian communities and we would like to rectify that.  As a writer and teacher, I am happy to train people to write for us and/or give editorial feedback to make your work the best that it can be.  Contact felicia at

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