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Finding Each Other Through the Movement: On Women Coming Together to Resist the Genderists

Updated: Feb 28

Like many women who have joined the movement to defend their sex-based rights, Tania had no ambition to be an investigative journalist or activist of any kind. But by 2020 in Canada, it was clear that women’s rights were under attack, that our government was complicit in their suppression, and that women who dared question the novel gender norms were being denounced as “hateful” oppressors of men who claim to be women.

It was also apparent that our legacy media, most noticeably our national public broadcaster, was failing to report to Canadians the many ways in which our amended Human Rights Act, which added gender expression and gender identity to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination, had revealed itself to be a Trojan horse. Invited into our country in 2017 by progressive idealists and self-serving politicians, this horse quickly delivered its cache of destructive plays and policies that put the conceived human rights of transgender-identifying man in direct and dangerous conflict with the sex-based human rights of women.

The amended Human Rights Act enabled the Department of Justice to publish a definition of “women” to mean anyone who identifies as such. It opened the door for some of Canada’s worst male sexual offenders to saunter into women’s private spaces, shelters and prisons. It awarded gold medals to men who were now allowed to compete against women in female sports categories. It provided millions of dollars to upstart 2SLGBTQAI+ organizations across the country to programme our children into believing that they could be born in the wrong body. Ultimately and shockingly, it made it impossible for Canadian citizens, especially “cis women,” to publicly voice their disagreement with the law or to call our government to account for the immediate harms and injustices its new law had fostered. was established in September 2021. It is the brain child of a volunteer group of women who found each other through Canada’s gender critical movement. Self-motivated and self-taught, we decided to build this website on which to publish our investigations and stories to expose the money and influence behind the gender industry in Canada. In March 2023, Tania was invited by Women’s Declaration International to appear on Feminist Question Time to talk about our earnest beginnings and to share our accomplishments to date.

Just three months following that presentation, having now published nearly 100 investigations, analyses and stories, Gender Dissent was informed by PayPal that it had identified a “potential risk” with our site. It is holding our collected funds and has permanently banned us from the PayPal platform. This, atop the anti-free-speech controls that the Liberal government continues to introduce with legislation such as the new, overreaching Online Streaming Act, give us is a foreboding sense that our online days in Canada may soon be limited.

So hurry, before it all comes tumbling down. Watch Tania’s presentation and read our investigations and exposés of the who’s who and the what’s what behind the push to transition Canada to “Tranada” – the most gender-diverse, sex-denying, women-hating country on the planet.

Some quotes from the team:

felicia rembrandt- "We're here to address an emergency."

Toni Vonk- "Hell no, I did NOT expect to be part of any underground effort! I'm truly inspired by the horror that we see happening!"

Blue Jay- "The craziest thing about what we've written is that it's ALL TRUE."

Eva Kurilova (in regard to writing for Gender Dissent)- "You don't have to be scared. We'll help!"

Tania- "If you write something, I'll be as excited as if you were Martha Gelhorn. And I'll make you a picture."

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