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Scrapping the Gender Machine - One Post at a Time

Gender Dissent was born when one woman contacted another woman, who contacted more women, about taking action against the gender machine, which seemed to roll into Canada and set itself up without any resistance.

Now we all know the effects its had on our country, and especially on our country's women.

So how do we stop the gender machine? We don't just want to turn it off; we want to send it to the scrap heap. None of us, individually, can do it.

Read widely, even when you disagree. Talk to everyone you can. Share information and support the sources. Have your own opinions and stand by them while finding common cause with your neighbours.

We've now published our 70th article, without corporate or government funding, or even a skillset in computers or media. This video was made to celebrate that achievement. It's humble, but please take a look at those images and notice the overwhelming themes: money, misogyny, misery.

And please join us.

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