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  • Cincy Kem

Canada hands out more cash to endanger women and children

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

by Cincy Kem

The federal department formerly known as Status of Women Canada will again provide millions of dollars to organizations that aim to further dismantle women’s sex-based rights and indoctrinate children in the transgender belief system.

On February 2, 2022, Marci Ien, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, announced up to 7.5 million dollars “to build stronger infrastructure and networks of community organizations to advance LGBTQ2 equality across Canada.”

This 7.5 million bumps up the 15 million dollar purse handed out last year to 76 LGBTQ2+ groups.

“We are grateful to Women and Gender Equality Canada,” said Minster Ien, “for continuing to provide the resources necessary to build a Canada where every Canadian can thrive.”

Strange as it is to announce to Canadians that it is her department, and not citizens providing said resources through their taxes, it’s even more strange that the Minister for women, presumably a female, considers biological reality an unimportant factor in building this Canada where everyone can thrive. One wonders why the word “women” even continues to exist in her ministry’s title given the government’s new definition for women: all people who identify as women, whether they are cisgender or transgender women.

The effective outcome of this new entry in the federal lexicon, and the empowering Act from which it flows, is that all existing structures and policies historically created to protect Canadian women and girls, as entrenched the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Section 15), are meeting with the wrecking ball.

Among the first to come tumbling down was Status of Women Canada, the federal agency created in 1976 to promote equality between women and men “by increasing women’s access to, and opportunities in, political and public life.”

In December 2018, one year after the Prime Minister’s historic 145 million dollar apology to LGBT Canadians, Status of Women Canada was transformed into Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE) to become an official department of the Government of Canada. WAGE’s mandate: “to advance equality with respect to sex, sexual orientation and gender identity or expression through the inclusion of people of all genders, including women, in Canada’s economic, social, and political life.”

While the young department’s mandate claims to include women, by virtue of the Liberal government’s redefinition of women, those who do not agree that men can be women are essentially excluded from its programs and funding. Groups that represent the rights of persons-who-get-periods need not apply.

Since WAGE was brought into being, the systematic marginalization and rejection of women who favour biological truth over gender fiction is trending within all levels of government and all forms of institution. Organizations that choose to exclusively serve adult human females, like Vancouver Rape Relief, are defunded. Nurses who promote the idea that women have distinct social and medical needs are investigated for wrong think. Teachers who suggest girls can not be boys and vice versa are removed from public school board meetings. Groups that demand that sex-based rights and protections for women and girls be maintained are decried as hateful. Today, anyone who fails to eagerly recite the “trans women are women” mantra is labelled transphobic and is publicly and rudely dismissed from mainstream society.

And while the structures, laws and policies that were established to serve, protect and advance the rights and well-being of women are being obliterated, in their place are being built all manner of groups and networks that instead centre anything but the dreaded “cis” women of Canada.

Including lesbians.

Of the 76 capacity-building projects awarded WAGE funding in 2021, only three of the recipient organizations, based solely on their names, appear to be dedicated to supporting gay or lesbian communities. That is, communities of persons who are at one with the sex they were born, male or female, and who are strictly attracted to persons who emerged from the womb with the same sexual bits that they have. Yet every recipient organization’s project description states their project will benefit the entire LGBTQ2 population.

Like this one:

Could the “management capacities” mentioned in the project description for Archives lesbiennes du Québec be those that will help them manage the inherent conflict among their target group members who are same-sex or dual-sex attracted (L and B) versus those who identify as an opposite, or altogether different, gender (TQ2+)? Probably not.

But who’s going nit-pick given the elected government’s inclusivity priorities? It’s in an organization’s best interest to include in its funding application as many letters as possible for its target population, thus better ensuring success in getting their hands on some of that federal cash, whether or not their projects can conceivably and consistently advance equality for all the sub-groups mentioned in their project descriptions.

While excluding actual women, the department that replaced Status of Women Canada is throwing money at groups that further perpetuate the idea that males can self-modify or identify into the female class and vice-versa. Five organizations that advocate for childhood medical transition were awarded over one million dollars through last year’s LGBTQ capacity-building competition.

Here’s one of the big winners:

A previous Gender Dissent story revealed how this Montreal-based organization’s educational program, Hi, Sam, created with a 50 thousand dollar grant from Justice Québec, is being used to indoctrinate kids in the transgender belief system. With another 360 grand to support a Canada-wide networking campaign, Gender Creative Kids is well positioned to disseminate its deceptive programming to elementary schools across the country.

Minister Ien’s announcement expanded on two projects that will receive up to 400 thousand dollars each from this year’s jackpot:

Imprint Youth Association will use its 400 thousand dollars to develop a mentorship program to recruit and train transgender-care providers in New Brunswick. They’ll also create a readily accessible directory of services for “LGBTQIA2S+” youth and young adults who are seeking to defy biology through medical transition.

Then there’s this one to Rainbow Faith and Freedom. While preaching the transgender belief system, conceivably one in which even Jesus was trans, this progressive church group will conduct a survey to evaluate the degree of inclusion of 2SLGBTQ+ persons in Ontario’s faith sector. The survey will be followed by an awareness campaign about religious-based discrimination against 2SLGBTQ+ persons and training programs to “help” existing religious institutions and organizations “make changes.”

Plainly, the writing is on the wall for traditional womb-havers under Canada’s Liberal regime. The W in WAGE is a misnomer. Consider that government programming to counter violence against women, including Indigenous women, has been diluted and reframed under Canada’s Strategy to Prevent and Address Gender-Based Violence and WAGE’s resulting Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Program. Organizations eligible for GBV Program funding include those that work with “underserved groups of survivors” from LGBTQ2 communities as well as “gender-non-binary people.”

A particularly telling incident occurred in March 2021 during the online Feminist Response and Recovery Summit,” hosted by WAGE to mark International Women’s Day. A participant who sought clarification as to how the term feminism was defined in the context of the summit was called disrespectful, transphobic and homophobic by the organizers. She and another woman asking similar questions were “removed,” i.e. electronically yanked, from the session. Another event attendee was advised not to use the term “female” because “trans women are women,” “their sexual organs are not important,” and “some men also have menstruations” [sic].

Government arrogance, name-calling and exclusion has produced a massive and dangerous ideological rift among Canadian citizens – something it is proving to be undeniably great at. Providing over 20 million dollars to organizations to increase their T and Q programming and to expand their networks, while denouncing women who are again fighting for their sex-based rights, further feeds the fire – a great, big bon-fire – upon which real women, are again, being staked and burned.

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