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Five nation-wide demonstrations at Canada's women's prisons Sept 18, 2021

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

By _CryMiaRiver (Facebook) Sept 19, 2021

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Yesterday, Keep Prisons Single Sex protests happened all across Canada. I missed our

local Ottawa one - we’re in isolation because we have Covid, but courageous women all over the country took to the streets to demand that male criminals be removed from female prisons. This is an issue that the mainstream media in Canada won’t touch, so we are left with little choice but to put ourselves at risk to get the message out.

In 2017, Justin Trudeau, on little more than a whim, committed to housing prisoners according to their gender identity. As with every aspect of the gender issue here in Canada, absolutely no consideration was given to how that decision would impact our society’s most vulnerable women: there was no debate, no risk assessment, and no women’s groups were invited to contribute to the discussion. Since then, eight men have been transferred into women’s federal prisons, five of whom are murderers, and two of the remaining three violent criminals. All eight have their male anatomy fully intact.

Two notorious post-operative “transwomen” are also housed in women’s prisons. Adam Laboucan, who goes by the name of Tara Desousa, raped a three-month-old baby, leaving the child needing reconstructive surgery, and killed a three-year-old when he was just eleven years old. He is now housed in a women's prison with a mother and baby unit.

Matthew Harks, who now goes by Madilyn, committed at least two hundred sex offences totaling more than sixty victims, including two girls aged four and five. He served his sentence in a women’s prison, and then upon release, was admitted to a women’s halfway house which has a mother-and-child unit.

These examples demonstrate how far Canada has strayed from sanity. There is something about the gender debate that causes ordinary people to take leave of their senses. People seem to believe that a man uttering the magic words “I identify as a woman” somehow transforms him into a literal woman, even if that man is a rapist, paedophile, or violent criminal. Also, remarkably few people consider the fact that male criminals can so easily take advantage of the system and claim to identify as women simply to get themselves housed in a women’s prison.

And why does no one consider the women locked up with these men? Why are they unimportant? Women in the prison system in Canada are disproportionately likely to have suffered sexual violence at the hands of men, and many are left with a trauma response to male bodies as a result of this. But here in Canada, most people think it’s humane and progressive to further traumatise these women by locking them up with male criminals.

Once again, vulnerable women are being used as shields to protect males from male violence. If “transwomen” are not safe in men’s prisons, the answer is not to make women less safe; it’s to find a way in male prisons to protect the men who are at risk. This is why I hate the term “cisgender” so much. This word is utterly meaningless and yet has an extremely detrimental impact on women. In the world of the woke, transgender people are more oppressed than “cisgender” people. So while nothing at all about the material reality of women has changed – women are still raped, abused, and murdered by men in the exact same numbers as ever – women have now become the oppressors of men who think they are women. Because we have “cis-privilege”, we must give up our protections for the sake of the transgender “women” who are allegedly more vulnerable than we are.

None of this will change until more people add their voices to the fight, until more people stand up and defend the women in this country who don’t have a voice. Incarcerated women can’t take to the streets to make people listen, so it’s up to us to do it for them.

The Toronto Star, CBC, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Sun, CTC, Montreal Gazette, Global, National Post, Global News, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, CBC Television, Le Journal de Montreal and the Aboriginal People Television Network are just some of the legacy media in Canada which have chosen to ignore the fact that males are currently housed in women’s prisons. But many small media outlets and individuals have chosen to publicize these facts. Here are a few -- including posts, articles and videos. Please help us to share their valiant efforts.

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including excerpts from the speech by pdf president Leila Lesbet

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