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felicia rembrandt in conversation:

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Gender Dissent's felicia rembrandt spoke with American feminist joey brite in April, when she discussed the birth of Gender Dissent, the roles of the federal governmetn in propagating and financing the gender industry, the ways Canadian women are resisting their erasure in law and policy, and transhumanism.

"In Canada gender ideology is being driven primarily by the government."

“If you have an investment company, like Blackrock, well they have a fiduciary duty to invest that money in stocks and bonds that will have the best chance of a good return. And what products offer the best chance of the best return? Anything addictive. Tobacco’s gone. They tried with opioids, but the suffering was too visible...Then there’s the whole sex addiction component. We need to investigate six or eight foundational pathologies and industries.”

“We are focussed on Canada. …one of the founders of transgenderism and transhumanism, Martine Rothblatt has become a Canadian citizen, so he is now within our Canadian content guidelines.”

“The Liberal Party never campaigned at all about gender ideology … not a peep about it … how did it (Bill C16) jump from a bill that was only supposed to affect people who had a relation to the government, through housing or employment to what we now call the self-id law?”

“Women are no longer a sex class, they are one of many genders. ..The department that was supposed to be concerned about women was used to funnel all this money to trans groups. And … the government has changed its definition of woman to anyone who identifies as one.”

“The Charter of Rights and Freedoms has not been changed, and it prohibits discrimination based on sex. Women are waiting to make a charter challenge…”

“Nobody asks these questions. They simply tar and feather us all…It’s just what they do…it is true, it is kind, it is just and anybody who is protesting against anything that it does must be from the right. It’s a handy excuse.”

“Indigenous people are vulnerable, they’re targeted in the same ways but it plays out differently…We need indigenous women to write for us.”

A long-time producer of conferences and fundraising events, joey created Can I Get a Witness and held the first online global conference on the dangers of the gender ideology industry in August 2020. With 27 presenters from six countries, as many as 500 attendees were able to catch live conversations over Zoom for a marathon 13-hour event.

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