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felicia rembrandt in conversation II

Last spring Gender Dissent’s felicia rembrandt joined Rose Medina, Leland Heflin, Sandra Currie and Halona Shaw on An American Conversation Podcast. She talked about the dangers of genderism and transhumanism, and of the similarities between the two.

Here are some excerpts:

“The torch [of genderism] was simply handed over from Obama to Trudeau.”

“Recently some stories are popping up about young women who call themselves men and they get their breasts lopped off, shave their heads, get a bunch of tattoos and what is happening? They are being drawn into the sex trade because it’s a huge new market in pornography. Transman on transman.”

“Women can never identify out of our sex class … men know who we are, even if we cut off our boobs and get a fake penis and shave our heads.”

“Martine Rothblatt has moved to Canada and taken up Canadian citizenship… I read his book recently … and I was looking for how transhumanism connects with transgenderism. What is underneath both is that appearance is just as good as reality. So, if you can make yourself look like the opposite sex, then you are because all that matters is appearance.”

“How will we know they [mind clones] are human? Rothblatt says ‘Well we’ll just get together say three psychiatrists and if they say yea they look, act and sound human to me, then they’ll be registered as human and get human rights.’ Now this is a lot like transgenderism, right, a man only has to have the appearance of a woman and he is now certified as a woman … because he seems or appears to be a woman.”

“There will be no need for women. Except for male pleasure because Rothblatt is saying that robots will have the full suite of senses that human beings have and will be able to orgasm.”

“All the major religions of the world will be on board …”

The conversation is available on their website here and on YouTube here

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